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Hello, I’m a psychologist and I specialise in consumer psychology, innovation and technology. I create thought leadership content for consumer brands, technology companies and marketing agencies.

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mars_headshot_300dpiDr Paul Marsden is a psychologist, researcher and speaker who creates inspiring thought leadership content for consumer brands, technology companies and marketing agencies. A specialist in consumer psychology, innovation and technology, Paul is a popular conference speaker on consumer trends and digital innovation.

Paul produces custom research reports, articles, presentation decks and thought leadership papers for his clients (LVMH, WPP, Syzygy, Brand Genetics, Bain, 8thBridge…) and is a contributor to the New Scientist and The Psychologist.  Co-author of two popular business books; Connected Marketing (Elsevier) and The Social Commerce Handbook (McGraw Hill), Paul is editor of Social Commerce Today, the leading web publication on social media and e-commerce. He is the former managing editor of the Journal of Memetics.

With a PhD in psychology, Paul developed innovative online mind mapping software for communication professionals that he used to co-found Brainjuicer (LON:BJU), a successful online communications research agency. Paul is a certified Net Promoter Associate and a member of the Royal Society of Arts, and is currently working on his latest book; The Little Black Book of Consumer Psychology – Fifty Need-to-Know Insights for Marketers & Consumers.

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Thinking about commissioning a custom research report, thought leadership paper or presentation on consumer trends or digital innovation?  Talk to me, I’m all ears.

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